in 2015, a group of students and graduates from towson university got together with former center stage artistic director jackson phippin to begin crafting what is now the oven. leaving college and entering the real world, these students wanted to have a space to create theatre that meant something to them. They wanted to make new theatre, impactful theatre-- theatre that started conversation.

     six of the artists in the original meetings stayed on board and created the first piece by the oven, "GONE". Since then, some members have come on board, others have moved on, and some have stayed.

     at the oven, we define ourselves as a social-action theatre collective, creating every piece of new work we produce from scratch. starting each process with a hard look at what is happening in the community around us and the world at large, we start by choosing a topic to write a piece about. Over the next several months, through research, interview work, self-reflection, diary writing, improvisation, physical training and creation methods, and choral building exercises, we slowly and carefully craft a new piece of theatre.

     we strive to partner with local and national non-profits and organizations to present talk backs on our show's specific topic, giving the community a grounding connection to the issue in the real world, as well as outlets to get involved.

     each member has a hand in writing, designing, conceptualizing, building, and administrative work-- a collective in the truest sense of the word. get to know the current company members below.